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Additional charges possible in Vallow/Daybell case

Posted at 10:43 PM, Feb 21, 2020

KAUAI, Hawaii — Chad Daybell very well could be the next one to face a judge. Not from the gallery, but on the other side, in custody.

Police say the reason he and Lori have been able to live such an expensive lifestyle in Hawaii is because of his deceased wife`s life insurance policy.

Chad received almost a half million dollars from Tammy Daybell`s suspicious death last October.

She was 49 years old, happy and healthy, but Chad says she died in her sleep.

Lori also expected to receive a life insurance payout after her brother Alex Cox (also now deceased) killed her husband Charles.

But she found out Charles had made his sister the sole beneficiary because he feared for his life.

And in a third case tied to Chad and Lori’s religious group, another man with a life insurance policy says Lori’s niece tried to kill him.

Police say when they questioned Chad Daybell in November — 21 days after his marriage to Lori — he acted like he barely knew her and claimed he didn`t have her phone number.

Chad`s parents say their son told them Lori was an empty nester, that she didn`t have any minor children.

One of the charges against Lori states that both she and Chad tried to get their friend to lie about the kids’ location: a woman named Melanie Gibb who lives in Arizona.

If that name sounds familiar, that`s because she was their cohost on the “Preparing a People” podcast.

Our sources close to the family say Gibb has a lawyer and is cooperating with the investigation.

She says she refused to lie for Chad and Lori, despite both of them making separate phone calls asking her to lie about the kids’ location.

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