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Another semi-trailer crashes at Garden City intersection

Posted at 9:02 AM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 20:18:11-05

GARDEN CITY, Utah — An intersection in Garden City is once again the site of a semi-trailer crash.

For the fourth time in 18 months, a semi-trailer lost its braking capability and was unable to stop at the intersection of U.S. 89 and Bear Lake Blvd.

This time, the semi-trailer was brought to a halt by snow accumulated in Raspberry Square, a mostly-vacant lot directly east of the intersection, according to the Twitter account @gobearlake.

"Inexperience on the part of the driver is being investigated as the cause. He'd never driven down an 8-10% grade before," a tweet from Utah Highway Patrol said.

No details on the driver's condition were immediately available.

Two similar incidents occurred at the intersection in August 2019, when there was no snow to stop the vehicles.

On August 15, a semi-trailer hauling chocolate milk crashed through a fence and into some garages at a condominium building east of Raspberry Square. The driver suffered serious injuries.

Five days later, a dump truck carrying a load of asphalt was also unable to stop. It went through the intersection and crashed into a storage building.

Another crash occurred in October 2018. A semi-trailer hauling butter went through the intersection and crashed into Pugstones Sporting Goods. The driver, Ahmed M. Abdelgader of Omaha, Nebraska, was killed and a passenger was hospitalized.

This year, the Utah Department of Transportation will build a runaway truck ramp on U.S. 89 near S.R. 30, as the highway comes into Garden City, according to a February 24 report by The Standard Examiner.

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