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Arches National Park asks for public comments on crowd management

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Posted at 12:48 PM, Oct 24, 2023

MOAB, Utah — Arches National Park is a huge tourist attraction, with visits to the park increasing by 73 percent over the last decade, but how well is this influx being managed?

Arches is asking the public for their opinion on this question, as well as any suggestions for how to make visits to the national park more enjoyable.

Congestion caused by a spike in visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic led to temporary closures at Arches' main entrance, with visitors turned away or instructed to come back at a later time.

To manage crowds and handle expectations better, the park piloted a timed entry system, where visitors could be guaranteed entry during their reservation time. Feedback showed the program reduced damage to the park, made visitors happier and eased long lines at the entrance.

Through December 1, 2023, the public is invited to provide their comments on this system and any other suggestions that may help improve visitor access in the future.

“We have learned a lot from these past two years of pilot timed entry programs and now we’d like to hear from the public about what has worked, where there are still challenges, and what longer-term visitor use management could look like” said Acting Superintendent Brendan Bray.

“Our goal in this process comes back to providing predictable, safe, and efficient access to a variety of high-quality experiences for visitors while ensuring that what makes Arches so special is protected for future generations."

CLICK HERE to take part and see a summary of key issues facing the park.