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2 people arrested in Cedar Hills after illegally living in home for 8 months

Another man also arrested on multiple charges
Posted at 9:24 PM, Sep 24, 2020

CEDAR HILLS, Utah — Two people were arrested at their former Cedar Hills home Thursday night over unpaid taxes and illegally living in the house, according to authorities. Another man was apprehended for allegedly trying to enter the home and interfering with police.

Thursday's incident occurred in the 9800 block of North Meadow Drive when Paul Kenneth Cromar and his wife, Barbara, refused to leave their former residence. The Cromars had previously refused to pay $1 million in taxes between 1999 to 2005, according to officials.

After failing to pay the taxes, a federal court order the home be seized and sold. The home was later sold to Copper Birch Properties LLC which planned to use the residence as a rental property.

Upon noticing the Cromars living in their former house in August, an order was given to have them out of the home within three days. However, an officer drove by a week later and found the Cromars still occupying the house.

Paul Kenneth Cromar would post videos to YouTube with one showing off a poster in this garage that read "Land Patent Victory."

On Sept. 2, a judge once again ordered Cromar and his wife off the property, but the couple made no attempt to leave. Instead, the Cromars invited members of an armed militia to come to the house to protect them.

When police arrived at the property Thursday, they found militia members outside the home with rifles and guns. No shots were fired and no threats were made.

Tyson Neil Holyoak was arrested along with the Cromars on charges of criminal trespass and interference with an arresting officer.

Police will investigate the home, and any property in the home will be turned over to the legal owner of the home except sentimental, valued or illegal items.