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Beaver proves to be culprit of Logan power outage

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Posted at 7:00 PM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-07 10:11:58-04

LOGAN, Utah — A beaver proved to be the culprit of a Logan power outage that turned off the lights for nearly 1,000 residents in the area Sunday afternoon.

Luckily, crews were dispatched and were able to fix the issue that impacted about 980 customers within an hour.

In a letter to the mayorposted on Facebook by city officials, a safety officer said the power went out because a certain semi aquatic rodent.

A beaver, located between the Boulevard and Canyon Road, dropped a large tree that landed on the power lines, the letter reads.

On Monday, the day after the outage, crews determined the cause of the outage and cut some trees to clean up the area.

In addition to cleaning up the trees, Human Resource Director for the City of Logan, Ambrie Darley and her spouse got to work to try and catch the culprit. Darley was able to capture the beaver by Tuesday morning.

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The beaver was relocated "to a much more suitable place for making a home," city officials said.

" It's wonderful to see departments working together and to see city employees taking on different duties to ensure that Logan stays a wonderful place to live," the letter concludes.