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Bill cracking down on 'troubled teen' industry among 56 bills signed into law by Utah's governor

Paris Hilton
Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 21:37:51-04

CEDAR CITY, Utah — Governor Spencer Cox has signed a bill that cracks down on Utah's so-called "troubled teen" industry.

The governor signed Senate Bill 127, sponsored by Sen. Mike McKell, R-Spanish Fork. It puts more oversight over schools and programs that operate in Utah dealing with youth substance abuse and behavioral issues.

The bill got support from celebrity Paris Hilton, who personally appeared to testify at the Utah State Legislature about abuses she suffered as a teenager at the Provo Canyon School in the 1990s. She has been advocating for reforms and to shut down these types of programs.

"I am proof that money doesn’t protect against abuse," Hilton said during her testimony in February.

Hilton has accused these programs of profiting off of abusing children with little to no state oversight. SB127 allows for surprise inspections and ways for youth in them to complain to state officials of any problems.

Cox was in Cedar City for a series of bill signings on rural interests. Here are the other bills he has signed into law:

HB 30_Tax Modifications. Barlow, S.
HB 39_Corporate Tax Unadjusted Income Amendments. Sagers, D.
HB 40_Tax Status Disclosure Amendments. Thurston, N.
HB 46_Student Prosperity Savings Program Amendments, Eliason, S.
HB 91_Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles. Stoddard, A.
HB 120_Unemployment Insurance Amendments. Dailey-Provost, J
HB 217_Regulatory Sandbox Program Amendments. Maloy, A.
HB 223_Alternative Fuel Incentives Amendments. Ballard, M.
HB 224_Pollinator Amendments. Matthews, A.
HB 247_Transient Room Tax Amendments. Albrecht, C.
HB 270_Property Tax Valuation Amendments. Hawkes, T.
HB 272_Special License Plate Amendments. Ray, P.
HB 279_Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth. Snow, V.
HB 341_Bears Ears Visitor Center Advisory Committee. Owens, D.
HB 356_Rural Economic Development Tax Increment Financing. Albrecht, C.
HB 368_State Planning Agencies Amendments. Spendlove, R.
HB 388_State Energy Policy Amendments. Albrecht, C.
HB 390_Urban Farming Amendments, Kohler, M.
HB 409_Municipal and County Land Use and Development Revisions. Waldrip, S
HB 416_Local Tax Sales Amendments. Hall, C.
HB 433_Amendments Related to Infrastructure Funding. Schultz, M.
HCR 12_Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Cooperative Action Regarding National Monuments. Albrecht, C
HCR 15_Concurrent Resolution Emphasizing the Importance of Civics Education. Snow, V.
HCR 19_Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Farmers Feeding Utah. Chew, S.
HCR 21_Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100th Year Anniversary of the Department of Agriculture and Food. Kohler, M.
SB 18_Property Tax Exemption Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 24_Property Tax Revisions. Bramble, C.
SB 25_Corporate Tax Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 26_Property Tax Relief Amendments. Davis, G.
SB 35_Income Tax Domicile Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 42_Tax Commission Collection Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 62_Gubernatorial Transfer of Power. Ipson, D.
SB 73_Vehicle Registration Checkoff and Fee Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 88_Local Option Sales Tax Distribution Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 97_Charitable Prescription Drug Recycling Program Amendments. Vickers, E.
SB 115_Retirement System Transparency Requirements. Fillmore, L.
SB 122_Custody Amendments. Anderegg, J.
SB 127_Human Services Program Amendments. Mckell, M.
SB 133_Severance Tax Revenue Amendments. Hinkins, D.
SB 136_Higher Education Scholarships Amendments. Owens, D.
SB 149_Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 161_Mental Health Systems Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 185_Capitol Meeting Room Designation. Adams, S.
SB 188_Procurement Code Revisions. Owens, D.
SB 194_Utah Main Street Program. Owens, D.
SB 197_Trust Deed Amendments. Wilson, C.
SB 214_Official Language Amendments. Cullimore, K.
SB 215_Sex Offender Registry Amendments. Anderegg, J.
SB 217_Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Act. Harper. W.
SB 225_Navajo Water Rights Negotiation. Hinkins, D
SB 226_Online Education Program Revisions. Johnson, J.
SB 233_Military Installation Development Authority Amendments. Stevenson, J.
SB 243_Political Subdivisions Amendments. Stevenson, J.
SCR 6_Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Removal of Uranium Mill Tailings Near the Colorado River in Moab. Hinkins, D.
SCR 7_Concurrent Resolution Honoring the Life and Achievements of Jerry Sloan, Fillmore, L.
SCR 8_Concurrent Resolution Supporting Utah's Natural Resources and Energy Industries. Hinkins, D.