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Black-owned business expo highlights Juneteenth celebrations

Posted at 4:15 PM, Jun 19, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — One way Salt Lake City celebrated Black joy on the Juneteenth holiday was by showcasing its diverse business owners as the community came together to support artists and entrepreneurs.

As the owner of "Defendable Fashion," Jasmine Wheeler takes vintage items revamps them and then resells them.

“It kinda was a thing of like, how do I, my love for fashion, how do I also do something that's ecofriendly and affordable for others," she explained, "and I try to inspire other people to secondhand shop.”

Wheeler said that being able to showcase her work on Juneteenth feels incredible.

“My family comes from chattel slavery," she said. "It means so much, Black Americans have paved the way in America thus far.”

Many Black business owners received tons of new exposure at the Juneteenth Black Business Expo at The Gateway.

“I am working toward having my own brick and mortar," said Kimberly Newton, the owner of "Essentially Yours." "I would love to have a space to house all my products, but also provide a variation of my services as well.”

Newton creates and sells metaphysical healing products for people journeying toward self discovery

“It’s the fact that even Salt Lake as a platform has a place and it's very welcoming to this type of energy here, and allowing us to kind of showcase our talent, our art, are able to be super creative, and mingle and network with other people, is such a gift.”