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BYU to relax housing rules for unmarried undergrads

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Posted at 11:19 AM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 13:19:29-04

PROVO, Utah — BYU will no longer require single undergraduates to live in BYU On-Campus or BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing after their first two semesters, effective in the fall semester of 2022.

Graduate students and married students have always been able to live anywhere, but these changes will allow single students the same options after the two semester requirement is fulfilled.

“We have been hearing from and listening to our students’ concerns with BYU’s two-mile housing radius. Beginning in fall 2022, students who have completed their first two semesters at BYU will enjoy greater flexibility when choosing where to live,” said Student Life Vice President Julie Franklin.

Additionally, BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing will be available only to BYU students; details about eligibility for BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing are available on the Off-Campus Housing website.

This is because of the challenges off-campus landlords faced when requiring non-BYU students to abide by the CES Honor Code established by the LDS Church and BYU's student housing policies. All BYU students must follow these rules, regardless of where they live.

“Like many universities,” Franklin said, “BYU will continue requiring students to live their first two semesters in BYU housing or off-campus contracted housing. Research repeatedly shows that students who initially have this close association with their fellow students have a better and more successful college experience.”

Single, undergraduate students can still choose to live in BYU On-Campus or BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing after their first two semesters.

The forthcoming changes to BYU’s student housing program apply only to BYU in Provo; no changes are being made to student housing policies or programs at BYU–Hawaii, BYU–Idaho or Ensign College.