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Capitol Reef NP imposes enhanced fire restrictions

Capitol Reef NP
Posted at 4:04 PM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 18:04:42-04

TORREY, Utah — Capitol Reef National Park entered "Stage II Fire Restrictions" on June 30, 2021, as the extreme drought and high heat continues over Utah.

This means that following acts are prohibited in any area of the park, including trails and roads:

  • Setting, building, maintaining, attending, or using open fires of any kind. Stoves fueled by petroleum or liquid propane are allowed.
  • Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle.
  • The use or discharge of explosives of any kind, incendiary or chemical devices, pyrotechnic devices, except by authorized officers (such as rescue teams or firefighers) in the course of their duties.

Violators will be subject to a fine up $5,000, imprisonment up to six months, or both.

Nearly all of the wildfires in Utah this year have been human-caused.

Visit the National Park Service websiteto learn more about fire safety for park visitors.