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Car buying made 'fun' through new vending machine in Lehi

Posted at 5:44 PM, Nov 10, 2021

LEHI, Utah — Among the beautiful scenery of the mountains in Utah County, drivers heading down I-15 can now look up in the sky and see something truly strange.

Not a bird or a plane, but a car vending machine.

Yes, that's right, a car vending machine.

The car company Carvana has opened one of its iconic facilities in Lehi; the 29th such "machine" across the country, and the first in Utah.

With the eight-story, 27-vehicle machine, the company is aiming to change the way Utah buys cars.

"With this signature machine being in Utah and having a real presence there, we are hoping that more people will get excited about trying something new," said Carvana's Veronica Cardenas.

Carvana actually launched in Salt Lake City this year, giving them the confidence a new vending machine would be successful further down the road.

"We defiantly feel that there is a need for it and the customers are going to embrace it and enjoy getting their car from a vending machine," added Cardenas.

Customers can't just walk up and buy a car as the vehicles in the building are actually spoken for. The actually buying process takes place online.

But once a vehicle is selected, the real fun begins with the car being shipped to Lehi to be claimed via a giant coin.

"It just makes it more of an enjoyable experience versus going to the dealership and spending hours negotiating," Cardenas said.

Those unhappy with their purchase have seven days to return it.

The company also buys vehicles and is also setting up a facility to refurbish them here in Utah; hopefully bringing more jobs to the state and growing their business.