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Caught on camera: Suspects wanted for vandalizing Trump flags across Roy

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jul 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-20 22:02:00-04

ROY, Utah -- Police in Roy are looking for at least two suspects caught on video cutting down homeowners’ flags posted in their front yards.

The suspects seem to be targeting flags that either support law enforcement or support President Donald Trump.

Paul Genovesi, who has a clearly marked security camera posted in front of his house, said he initially thought it was a prank.

“You know, kids are going to be kids,” Genovesi said.

Then he saw the video, showing what he now believes are two adult women reaching up to cut the corner of his flag off with a pair of scissors.

“I’m under six feet, I can’t even reach it!” Genovesi said. “This is my choice of who I want in office. They can have their choice. Go out to the polls and vote.”

Eventually Genovesi and his wife saw a Facebook post where additional victims came forward with similar stories.

Angie Daley, the original author of the post, also lives in Roy but not in the same neighborhood as Genovesi.

“I mean it just sucks that people can’t respect your decisions,” Daley said. “The police officer we spoke to last night said last week they were cutting down (thin) blue line flags, and this week it’s Trump flags.”

Daley said she bought her Trump flag last month as a Father’s Day present for her husband. Once they realized the flag had been completely cut from its staff, they quickly replaced it with their 2016 campaign flag.

They do not have video of the incident.

“We were more upset about the fact that (1) someone was in our yard, really close to our front door and our house with our kids and (2) just that someone would do that because they don’t necessarily believe in the same thing we do,” Daley said.

Genovesi said he plans to continue leaving his flag waving in the front yard despite the damage as a symbol of his unwillingness to back down.

“That’s not your constitutional right. That’s being a criminal. That’s being a thug,” Genovesi said. “If they want to fly a Biden flag, that’s their choice! Let them fly it… That’s what America is all about. Choices.”

Both Genovesi and Daley said they do not necessarily want the suspects to go to jail, but they are worried the incident could cause an already contentious campaign season to become more divisive.

“Oh absolutely,” Daley said. “I mean, if you scare someone in the middle of the night, there’s no telling what could happen.”

“I would love a Democrat and Republican to sit face to face and answer the questions and educate people not to do this stuff,” Genovesi said. “But they encourage it!”

Daley said she believes there are at least half a dozen additional victims across Roy.

Police are asking anyone who might have a similar story to please give them a call and file a police report. They also recommend people bring in their flags at night, especially if they’re not illuminated.