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Confirmed COVID-19 outbreak at homeless shelter in Ogden

Lantern House issues statement on 48 new cases
Posted at 11:03 AM, Oct 31, 2020

Homeless resource center The Lantern House has confirmed 48 new cases of COVID-19.

In a statement, Board Chairman John D. Patterson said the following:

"This past week the Lantern House experienced an outbreak of confirmed cases of COVID-19. In a quick response and effort to keep our homeless individuals and staff safe, testing took place over the course of the week by the Midtown Community Health Center operating within the Lantern House. In addition to these tests, the State Health Department assisted with a full-scale testing event today. Over 220 tests were performed. 48 have been identified as positives including 37 single men, 9 single women, and 1 single mother with her child. Of the 48, less than 10% are symptomatic. The Lantern House staff will be closely monitoring each of these individuals during their time in quarantine. While we are a homeless shelter, not a medical facility, the Weber-Morgan Health Department helped us with resources to hire additional staff to provide the needed care and monitoring. If the health of any of the individuals deteriorates, we have been directed to contact emergency medical.

Our community partners have been rallying to help us find appropriate lodging for our healthy clients who have tested negative throughout the testing events. We have suffered two losses this week, with the death of a senior male resident and a single mother with a child staying at the Lantern House. The child has been placed with the next of kin. Both individuals were confirmed positive for the virus but the cause of death is still under investigation.

We sincerely appreciate our dedicated staff and volunteers who have been tireless in their efforts to keep everyone at the Lantern House safe and adapt quickly, hour by hour to the situation. Their preparedness has been instrumental in keeping COVID-19 at bay during these past few months.

The Lantern House, Weber-Morgan Health Department, and the Weber Prosperity Center of Excellence will continue their close working relationship to care for our homeless individuals, our staff, and the community. Monetary donations are welcome at as we continue our efforts to care for these individuals around the clock during this tumultuous time."