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Convicted felon in custody after civilians help stop suspect

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 19:54:53-04

WEST HAVEN, Utah — Civilian witnesses helped a police officer secure a suspect after a routine traffic stop led to a struggle.

On Friday, a K-9 Deputy made a traffic stop near the Maverick in the area of 2550 S. and 1900 W. in West Haven.

When he approached the vehicle, the deputy noticed the suspect, 41-year-old Charles Diarte reaching under the driver's seat.

The deputy asked Diarte to step away from the vehicle and the suspect then started to grab toward his waistband.

Diarte refused orders to keep his hands away from his waistband, and the two engaged in a struggle, during which a handgun fell out of the suspect's waistband.

The K-9 bit the man several times and the officer deployed his taser when the suspect tried to run away, all of which were unsuccessful.

Two civilians watched the incident and caught Diarte as he tried to run away. The two civilians helped the officer secure the suspect.

A third civilian stood over the gun to protect the suspect or anyone else from grabbing it.

Diarte was taken to the hospital and will be booked into Weber County Jail once he is released.