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Cox issues another executive order to combat ongoing drought

Posted at 9:58 PM, May 13, 2021

MURRAY, Utah — Utah Governor Spencer Cox declares another State of Emergency to because of extreme drought conditions. This time, to continue helping victims get federal help.

Utahns can expect new water restrictions and strict enforcement.

“[The conditions] are actually pretty bad,” said Water Resources Drought Coordinator Laura Haskell.

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Only 81 percent of normal snowfall, coupled with historically dry soil, means even less snowmelt makes it to our rivers.

Water Resources Drought coordinator Laura Haskell says now is the time to take action so we have enough water left this summer. More than 90 percent of Utah is classified as being in an extreme drought.

“I don’t think landscapes need as much water as they think that they do,” said Haskell.

Washington County is among the first to enact daytime water restrictions after Governor Spencer Cox signed an executive order encouraging communities to re-think water usage this summer.

“We must really be careful and good stewards and good citizens of this really precious resource of water,” said Washington County Commissioner Victor Iverson.

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Communities can also expect tougher enforcement of the water restrictions already on the books, according to Haskell. Adding, it’s better to be proactive with conservation now so Utah’s restrictions aren’t worse later.

Utahns have been good so far — waiting longer to water lawns and experts say it has made a difference.

Residential watering uses about 60 percent of Utah’s water. To save it, don’t overwater landscaping and only water during the night. Make sure you’re not watering cement and fix any leaks.