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Dangerous crosswalk angers Herriman parents, residents

Posted at 6:03 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 23:31:01-04

HERRIMAN, Utah — A crosswalk is creating cross parents and controversy in Herriman.

Amanda Lambard posted a video in a social media group that showed two teenagers trying to cross the street at the corner of Lower Meadow and Sentinel Ridge. Cars are seen driving by and failing to stop for the teens, who eventually walk up the road to the stoplight.

“Even though there’s a stoplight right up the street it’s very inconvenient, because as you can see the lines here, you are able to cross, and I’ve stood here for ten minutes with my family trying to cross and nobody will stop,” said Lambard.

The school district said kids are supposed to walk up to the stoplight to cross and that the crosswalk isn't an approved safe school route. Still, law says cars are supposed to yield to pedestrians.

FOX 13 News waited at the pedestrian crosswalk and watched as nine cars failed to stop.

“What’s gonna happen?" Lambard asked. "Is someone’s life going to be on the line and then they’re going to do something about it? Then it will be too late.”

Jared Cox lives near the crosswalk and said he doesn’t let his two kids walk unchaperoned because cars drive so fast and hardly stop.

“It’s pretty common to see people going 10 or 15 over the speed limit. I don’t let them cross alone, I go with them because it’s so busy and so fast,” said Cox.

Cox said it is an issue that seemed to be mitigated in the past by crossing guards.

“They had flags and yellow vests so it did help, but I think they thought even that wasn’t safe enough so they had the kids go up above to the light,” added Cox.

Lambard said when she tried to get clarification from Herriman Police, she was told there’s not much they can do.

“The police department mentioned that this is a high radar area, and that there’s nothing they can do to get anyone to stop," Lambard said. "They’ve tried to put crossing guards here and they say it’s very dangerous."

School leaders encourage parents to educate their kids about the approved walking routes.

Meanwhile, for those just trying to cross the street and walk to the park, parents claim more needs to be done.

“I mean the obvious thing would be to have a light where it’s a lot more visible. I don’t know if it would be a full traffic light or one where you hit a button and it flashes,” said Cox.

The Herriman Police Department responded to FOX 13 News' request for comment with the following statement later Monday evening:

"[The department's traffic sergeant] stated that this is a high complaint area that we are continually assessing as the community around the area develops. At one time we had crossing guards at that location, This changed as the HAWK system was installed down the street providing a safer crossing area for school children. Herriman Police Department frequently patrol the area along with other high complaint zones through the city. Numerous citations have been issued and directed enforcement projects have been completed at that crosswalk for general pedestrian safety. We continually strive to educate our community on the importance of alert and safe driving and pedestrians on being safe and alert to traffic. The engineering department can speak to the processes and developments of traffic signals and road markings."