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'Do Not Drink' order issued in Moroni City, high levels of nitrates can be fatal for infants

Posted at 3:50 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 17:50:12-05

MORONI CITY, Utah — The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has issued a Drinking Water Warning in Moroni City for high levels of Nitrate B.

According to UDEQ, water should not be given to infants under six months of age or used to make any infant formula. High levels of Nitrate be can be dangerous and even fatal to infants. Symptoms include shortness of breath and blue baby syndrome. Nitrates are a concern for infants because they cannot process nitrates in the same way adults do.

Approximately 1,300 uses in Moroni City are affected by the issue. UDEQ said that boiling water will not help with eliminating nitrates in the water.

Adults and children over six months old are able to drink tap water. UDEQ warns that if pregnant women have concerns, to contact their doctor.

The issue comes from mechanical failure to one of the two sources serving Moroni City. UDEQ announced that Moroni City is working around the clock to repair the broken resource.

Bottled water will be provided by Moroni City at City Hall located at 80 S and 200 W.