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Downtown SLC goes big for New Year’s Eve

Ringing in 2022 at The Gateway
Posted at 9:53 PM, Dec 31, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — After last year's mostly virtual celebration, The Gateway is going big on New Year's Eve for downtown Salt Lake City's largest New Year's Eve event, "Last Hurrah!"

“The Gateway is one of the best destination complexes that exists in Utah,” said Matthew Minichino, the vice president of Carver Road Hospitality.

Following a completely scaled-back and mostly virtual celebration last year, The Gateway is back in full swing — something people have been craving.

“We think that it’s such a large footprint that there are plenty of places for people to spread out and still enjoy such a great community vibe, because we’ve all been missing that. You know, we’re ringing in a fresh new year, and we want to have that hope and joy during that time and we hope you can do it here safely,” said Jacklynn Briggs, director of marketing at The Gateway.

Speaking of cravings, many are enjoying food at a brand-new spot at The Gateway: Flanker Kitchen and Sporting Club just opened three weeks ago.

The VP of Carver Road Hospitality says their social entertainment model of dining is in high demand right now.

“It’s the one thing that really got taken away from everyone, and we’re one of the best socializing concepts you can find in all of Salt Lake so we’ve seen a great response,” said Minichino.

Flanker Kitchen and Sporting Club is a multi-concept complex with a casual restaurant, three bars, private karaoke and sport simulator rooms, a nightclub and cocktail lounge.

“Given the fact that we’re one year removed from so many restrictions, or things that you can’t do… we’re actually seeing a huge response. Of people wanting to come back out,” said Minichino.

Entertainers are especially excited to be back performing, like the lead singer of The Rubies, Aubrey Aucleir.

“I definitely kind of forgot that I was a performer, just because I was always sitting in my room, writing music, singing it for no one, and then, 'Oh, I can play shows again!'” she said.

Downtown Salt Lake City has been celebrating New Year’s Eve for the past decade under various names, but this is the fifth year for “Last Hurrah“ and a year many are grateful is a little more normal.