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Draper couple dealing with rampant 'doorbell ditch' problems

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jul 16, 2023

DRAPER, Utah — One Utah couple moved into their dream home two years ago. But for the past year, they've been dealing with a problem that makes them want to move.

Every few days, teens come to their house in Draper and either kick or hit the door and run away. All of this has been captured on doorbell video.

The couple did not want to be named or have their home identified, out of fear of retaliation. But FOX 13 News spoke to their daughter-in-law, Ashley.

“My mother-in-law, it just really startles her. She’s just really uncomfortable being at home, and her home is supposed to be her safe space,” Ashley said.

Her father-in-law tried blocking off the stairs to the porch, hoping to deter the kids, but that didn’t work.

“They just go through the bushes, and they just hit as hard as they can on that door, and then just take off,” said Ashley.

The family hopes something can change.

It’s getting so bad to the point that they want to move, and I don’t want them to move — that’s totally unfair,” Ashley said.

They have heard of other neighbors having the same problems too.

“I guess a couple of neighbors came to them being like, 'Hey, this is happening to us. Is it happening to you?'" Ashley said. "So unfortunately, it’s not just them.”

Ashley says they have reached out to the police for help, and they hope that someone comes forward or something happens to put her family out of this pain and so all of this can stop.

“They want to stay. This is their dream home, this is the home that they chose to retire in, so I would love for them to be able to stay," she said.