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Driver hopes UDOT will take responsibility after ice fell from freeway sign, smashed windshield

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 03, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY – Dramatic video shows the moment a chunk of ice fell from a sign on Interstate 15 and crashed into a car’s windshield.

The incident happened on Dec. 17 at the northbound exit of 7200 South.

Marcin Karpinski tells FOX 13 he noticed what he described as an “ice missile” falling from the sign. With less than a second to react, he braced himself for impact.

“I was just passing below the sign and crash, the block of ice hit me,” Karpinski said.

The ice hit the passenger side of his windshield and shattered the glass. The cost for repairs totaled $1,500.

After filing a report with Utah Highway Patrol, Karpinski says he went to the Utah Department of Transportation hoping they would take responsibility for the damage.

Karpinski claims they declined to admit the accident was their fault.

“If I don't remove snow from my vehicle and I cause damage, I am responsible,” Karpinski said. “When they don't remove snow from a sign, they are not, they claim it's not our fault. This bothers me a little bit.”

Karpinski paid for the repairs. He is thankful nobody was hurt. He hopes others see his dashcam video and remember to clear ice and snow from their cars and anything else that can cause a hazard on the roads.

“It could have went through and hit me or somebody else on the passenger side. It could really be hurtful,” he said. “Please remove the snow.”

U-DOT says they are reviewing the video and complaint and will share more information on Tuesday.