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Duchesne County family's 'dream home' burglarized

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 20:38:59-04

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah — One Utah man's dream has turned into a nightmare after thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment and intricate wrought-iron art pieces were stolen from his home.

Police have identified persons of interest who they believe stole the art pieces and equipment.

Marcelo Galvan is now picking up the pieces and asking anyone to be on the lookout for these unique items.

"I feel like... this is the place we're going to live and we're going to retire," he said.

It was his dream — a home he’s been building from the ground up called "The Matador."

He is a talented third-generation metalworker, building amazing pieces and being featured across the state.

"When I create something and I'm thinking it's going to be for a customer, I get so in love with the piece and I don't want to let it go," Galvan said with a laugh.

So when he came to his new dream home he’s been working on in Duchesne this weekend, he was excited to continue his work — but something wasn't right.

"The first thing I saw always is the American flag, you know, because I love to see the American flag there," he said, pointing to the flag attached to an exterior wall on the second-level porch. "I told my wife, 'I see something missing there.'"

What was missing was a hand-built wrought-iron spiral staircase. They then discovered that the shipping containers, which were welded shut, were cut open and the tools inside stolen. These included hand tools, a wood splitter, a welding machine, a concrete mixer, and what he estimated was 100 two-by-four pieces of lumber.

The thieves even broke into the house and stole furniture.

But two items stand out to Galvan: the spiral staircase, as well as his wrought-iron gate.

"The gate and the spiral staircase — I did it with so much passion," he said.

Now all that's left of those pieces is a cut lock and some screws.

The spiral staircase was the most special because it lead to the room of his son, who has autism.

"That's a playground for my little boy, you know? And that was for him," Galvan said.

He’s hoping someone will help find these priceless items.

"I don't care much about the tools... But I want the spiral staircase back. That's what I want because I did it for him," he said. "They destroyed us, you know? We don't feel safe anymore."

But as he picks up the pieces, it's still a dream he will keep building despite the setbacks.

Anyone who recognizes the items pictured below should call the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office at 435-738-0196.