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Family loses a lifetime of belongings, other important items in Murray truck theft

Posted at 12:58 PM, Jan 04, 2021

MURRAY, Utah — Members of a Colorado family are hoping FOX 13 tipsters can help them retrieve a lifetime’s worth of belongings and memories that were lost Sunday in a vehicle theft in Murray.

The Paniagua family is now stranded in Utah after their pickup truck was stolen while they were having dinner at Chuck-A-Rama restaurant.

"The truck was gone with everything inside, 35 years worth," said Camille Paniagua.

The truck is a full-size Ford F-350 Super Duty with Colorado plates.

Paniagua, who is originally from Utah, came back over the holiday weekend to pack up her aunt's belongings and move her to Greeley, Colorado after a recent death in the family.

Paniagua said all of her aunt's belongings, including valuable paperwork, clothing, mementos and her diabetes medication, were in the stolen F-350. But after finishing dinner and paying the bill, they walked outside to find the truck and everything in it was gone.

“So the feeling is just gut-wrenching! Don’t know what to do, I wish the person who took it just has a heart to give back what possibly he feels isn’t valuable, at least give a call, just say it’s here, pick it up would be honored to go pick it up, whatever’s left. Whatever we can get out of it, we’re happy to get whatever we possibly can back," Paniagua said.

The family is now stranded, staying in a Midvale motel while trying to deal with insurance agents and doctors to reorder the missing medication.

“Also it had all of my baby's stuff in it. No car seat, we have no car seat, no diaper bag, no clothes for her. Everything was in there ready for us to head out and hit the road so, now, everything, we’re starting from scratch and definitely my aunt is starting from scratch," Paniagua said.

Paniagua use the F-350 in their landscaping business back in Colorado, so the theft may also affect their ability to work.

Anyone with information that may help police locate the stolen truck is urged to call 801-840-4000.

The Paniagua family has established a GoFundMe campaign to help them get back to Colorado safely.