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Family of missing Dylan Rounds pushing for change in lead investigators

Posted at 9:41 PM, Aug 18, 2022

BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah — After a criminal search came up short, the family of Dylan Rounds is demanding change in who handles their son’s case.

The nineteen-year-old from Idaho was last heard from over Memorial Day weekend and last seen near his property in Lucin, Utah.

Dylan’s family is fed up with the investigators on his case.

“Let somebody with bigger guns handle it because it’s just not going anywhere,” said Candice Cooley, Dylan’s mom.

Dylan’s parents are asking the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office to relinquish lead on the case and hand it over to the state or FBI.

Cooley claims the county released important clues that were meant to stay confidential. She also said she hasn’t heard from the sheriff in over two months.

“We did not even know that Box Elder issued a search warrant for Elko to execute on the Brenner property in Montello and we’ve been screaming to get that done,” she said.

Cooley is talking about James Brenner, a Nevada man the county named as a suspect. He’s currently on trial for federal firearm charges.

On Monday, the Elko County Sheriff’s Office and the Box Elder Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue obtained a search warrant for a “parcel of land in Nevada owned by James Brenner.” Investigators used “cadaver dogs, drones, and archaeological excavation procedures” but no evidence was found.

“You know you get your hopes up so high that they’re going to find something, but at this point we’re what, two and a half months into this,” said Cooley.

FOX 13 News visited the sheriff’s department in hopes of getting more information. The office has yet to comment on the investigation since Dylan’s disappearance. The office told FOX 13 News that no one was available.

“I don’t believe they have the resources and I don’t believe they’re utilizing the resources that they could take,” she said.

The FBI is already assisting on the case, but because they’re not the lead investigators, there’s not much they can do.

“[Box Elder County] owes us the decency to tell us what is going on,” said Cooley.