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Firefighters rescue dog from underneath storage unit in Weber Co.

Pie with fire department hero
Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 00:30:06-05

HUNTSVILLE, Utah — A dog has a second lease on life after being rescued by firefighters with the Weber Fire District.

The crew at Fire Station 65 received a knock on the door Monday evening from a resident who couldn’t find his dog.

“The guy came over in a desperate moment,” said fire engineer Doug Weston. “He knew the dog would freeze to death overnight and he was beyond the point where he could help anymore.”

The dog was trapped under a storage shed. Ice and frozen mud, along with the weight of the shed created challenges for firefighters.

The first responders chipped away at the ice and used the jaws of life to lift the shed just enough to free the little pup.

“It wanted to go somewhere warm, fast,” said Capt. Rock Toone with the Weber Fire District.

“We finally pulled it soft and gentle,” Weston said. “I let the dog go and it stood up and acted just fine. I felt really good we were able to get it out.”

The lifesaving effort meant a little more to the firefighters because of the special bond the dog has with its owner.

“This was kind of his last surviving family he had. He knew he didn’t want to lose this animal,” Weston said. “The connection between people and animals is an emotional connection.”

Video of the rescue was posted to the district’s Instagram page.

The firefighters were happy they were able to save the dog’s life.

“When you can make a difference and save a life, it’s always good,” Toone said.

“We love to help people. That’s why we do this job,” Weston added.