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Firetruck bearing Trump campaign flags causes 'quite a ruckus' in northern Utah

A firetruck bearing Trump campaign flags causes "quite a ruckus" in northern Utah.
Posted at 7:36 AM, Jan 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 15:24:30-05

OGDEN, Utah — Weber Fire District officials say a firetruck bearing Trump campaign flags has caused "quite a ruckus" in northern Utah and the truck is not one of theirs.

"Weber Fire District would like to clarify that our fleet and individual apparatus will never be used for political advertising. We serve and support all of our citizens regardless of political view," a Facebook post from Weber Fire District says. "All of our apparatus are clearly marked with our logos and are always driven by sworn uniformed firefighters."

According to WFD, a private citizen owns a firetruck that has been sighted flying Trump flags around Weber County and northern Utah, and the owner is free to use that truck "for any purpose he/she chooses."

A Salt Lake City Fire Department spokesman told FOX 13 that firefighters can not take political sides.

"We treat everybody the same. We are not political. In fact, Utah State Code says that we can't be political. We can't use our position and our employment for political purposes. So, Salt Lake City Fire apparatuses, and I think I could probably speak for every emergency responder in the State of Utah: those will not be used for political purposes at all," said Capt. Anthony Burton, SLCFD.