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Fireworks-related fires keeping Utah departments on edge

Posted at 9:41 PM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-03 23:41:52-04

SANDY, Utah — The holiday weekend’s high temperatures and gusty winds have firefighters stressing. Departments in northern Utah have already dealt with firework-related fires this weekend and are asking the community to help prevent any more.

“It’s something that keeps us up at night,” said Battalion Chief Matt Stuebner with the Sandy Fire Department.

Scorched fields and burnt trees and twigs is all that’s left of a Saturday night fire that took place along the Draper Canal in Sandy.

“This happened so fast that those that were involved didn’t even understand how fast it could happen,” said Stuebner.

Stuebner said it was caused by a ground firework. Neighbors were not prepared for the range and how far the sparks would travel. Nearby homes and businesses were at-risk, but firefighters responded to the scene quickly.

Stuebner is asking those lighting off fireworks this Fourth of July to know the fireworks they’re setting off and know the area. Do not light any explosions near homes or dried-out land.

Once you’re done with fireworks for the night, fill up a bucket of water and let the fireworks soak overnight. Do not push them into a gutter or leave them in a garbage bin. They are at-risk of catching fire again.

“We do have buckets of water, hoses to make sure we extinguish the fire if it does arise,” said firework-shopper Kaleb Griffith.

Griffith and his friends were at Lantis Fireworks near the Shops at South Town purchasing all kinds of fireworks. They’re ready to put on a show.

“You to make your own booms and bangs and lights,” said Pepen Rios.

“I don’t get to light them but I get to help,” said eight-year-old Kiyler.

Make sure you’re checking with your city to know when and where you can light off fireworks. Some areas are prohibited because of drought conditions.

“It’s nerve-wracking knowing that there’s so much potential. The risk is out there,” said Stuebner.