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First Lady Cox unveils 'Show Up Utah' to foster compassion and empathy

Posted at 12:23 PM, Apr 27, 2021

ALPINE, Utah — Utah First Lady Abby Cox outlined her initiatives for the next four years of her role in the the state, a plan called "Show Up Utah" with a focus on helping troubled children and foster families, and an emphasis on compassion and empathy.

She made these announcements at Bridle Up Hope, a ranch that helps girls and young women not only learn how to ride horses but provides tools for them overcome depression and self-harm.

To help foster families, she plans to engage volunteers to distribute 1500 care packages across the state so that these families feel supported and recognized.

"It’s all about creating empathy. There will be four areas where we focus on the connection and creating empathy and combating the empathy crisis in our country,” said the First Lady.

She said this plan is not new, as it was hatched during the gubernatorial campaign. She wanted to do something meaningful for all Utahns in addition to support for her husband running the state.

More information about First Lady Cox and her initiatives to "serve with compassion and energy" can be found on her website.