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Former member of Israel Defense Force living in Utah ready to help if the call comes

Posted at 10:02 PM, Oct 11, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Tzachi Korzbart joined hundreds of others on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday, as part of the "Utah Stands With Israel" rally.

Korzbart is originally from the central part of Israel, where he served as a First Sergeant in the Israel Defense Force, from 2009 through 2011. His main responsibility, he says, was as a combat medic.

Living here in Utah now, Korzbart has watched the war between Israel and Hamas unfold.

"The first couple of days were days of total shock, of not understanding what's going on, of feeling... I cannot even describe the feelings," said Korzbart. "Hamas has done something that is crime against humanity."

While the war has just begun, he says it has already impacted his family back home.

"Both of my brothers are in the war zone," said Korzbart. "My middle brother, he was called immediately after the situation started to go get the gear and assemble his reserve unit."

Korzbart believes he could soon receive a call to once again serve in the Israel Defense Force and help defend his country against Hamas.

"My willingness to fight for my country is not related to any incident or event. The moment my country needs me, I'm there," said Korzbart. "I believe in the Israeli Defense Forces that they know when to call me, and when they call me and they need me, there is not even a second thought."

While braving the rain for the rally on Wednesday, Korzbart gave a prayer in Hebrew and received a blessing from Rabbi Benny Zippel, the executive director of Chabad Lubavitch of Utah.

"In Judaism, we never like to dwell on the negative. We like to dwell on the positive, a moving forward," Zippel said.

And, moving forward, Korzbart's hope is to keep those he loves and his country safe.

"It's a war right now to make sure Israel is here, is going be here for many more years," said Korzbart.

The support for Israel by elected leaders in Utah will continue. On Wednesday, Gov. Spencer Cox said both the Utah State Capitol and the Utah Governor's Mansion will be lit up in the colors of the Israel flag on Sunday.