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Foundation donates EnChroma glasses to colorblind Utah teen

Posted at 6:39 PM, May 08, 2021

Thanks to some generous donations, one Utah boy got the chance to see the world as he's never seen it before.

Alex Marshall, 13, was born colorblind. His family contacted the Bilter Foundation to help get him some EnChroma color correction glasses.

Through donations, the Bilter Foundation helps people who are struggling with any of their senses. They help with cochlear implants, eye surgeries, and today they wanted to help Alex see true colors.

“I just love to see the people's reactions when they put on the glasses for the first time," said Adam Bilter, the foundation’s founder. "They can see all the colors of the spectrum where they might not have been able to before."

“It’s definitely different,” Alex said. “Normally, a lot of stuff looks dull. Everything is more vibrant. A lot of the flowers, a lot of these purple flowers, I thought they were blue. Now I can see they're really purple.”

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