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Four teens 'lucky to be alive' after flying 100 feet off road in Payson Canyon

Posted at 7:31 AM, Aug 04, 2023

PAYSON, Utah — A group of teenagers is "lucky to be alive" after they flew 100 feet off the road while driving in Payson Canyon early Friday morning.

In total, four 17-year-old teens were riding in the car when it crashed just before 2:30 a.m.


Officials report the crash happened more than nine miles up the canyon road and crews found the car landed about 100 feet off the road.

Photos show the car sideways and wedged between a tree with the windshield completely shattered.

The driver of the vehicle, a 17-year-old girl, had a head injury.

Another girl in the vehicle who was not wearing a seatbelt was ejected during the crash and had to be flown to the hospital via medical helicopter, officials explained. She was later conscious and talking while being treated in the hospital.

Family later identified the girl as Daveena Anderson. A Gofundme fundraiser was later created to help raise funds for medical costs as Anderson receives treatment in the ICU at the hospital.


Another girl in the car was trapped after the crash and experienced a possible broken arm. A teenage boy suffered from a broken leg.

Officials with the Utah County Sheriff's Office said the teens are lucky to be alive after the crash.

What caused the crash as well as the identity of the teens was not made immediately available.