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Grand County gas leak fixed; Campers allowed to leave

Posted at 9:30 PM, Apr 10, 2023

GRAND COUNTY, Utah — For the first time in days, a thousand-pound gas leak is finally contained, and stuck campers are now safe to take the road back home.

After 21 years of spending spring break at the White Wash Sand Dunes, getting stuck because of a natural gas leak is a first for Autum Adams’ family.

“We had no updates on how long we were going to be trapped there,” she said.

Thousands of pounds of natural gas burst through a wellhead in Grand County Friday afternoon. The sheriff’s office immediately shut down Ruby Ranch Road and shut in the campers.

“We’re running out of food, my daughter is a type-one diabetic, so that’s a big concern for us in food and insulin,” she said.

Law enforcement told the family they’d fly in food and medical supplies while petroleum experts came in from out of state to contain the leak.

“They gave us these alternative routes, but they’re pretty tricky routes. It’s not a place you would normally pull a camp trailer through,” said Adams.

On Sunday, she said her family “had no other choice.” It took hours for them to make it out of the 4-wheel-only route. Her kids had to walk and point out what parts to drive around.

Ruby Ranch Road opened back up Monday evening. Crews are still on-site and a hard road closure could be reinstated at any time.

“It’s kind of a harsh thing to be thrown into, especially when it's something that’s out of your control and there is not a convenient way to evacuate,” said Adams.