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Group comes together to rescue dog in Moab

Posted at 9:07 PM, Mar 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-28 23:40:35-04

MOAB, Utah -- A group who calls themselves "The Wild Bunch" are proud members of the nonprofit Utah ATV Association. The members love to ride together and focus on beautifying Utah and helping the community.

Last weekend, the group of experienced ATV riders had one of their biggest scares -- Bill and Vickie Bagshaw’s dog Summer needed to be rescued.

“Summer got down and she just kind of stepped off the edge a little bit and started sliding,” said Steven Hawkins, the president of Utah ATV Association.

Quickly, Hawkins said, it became clear someone was going to need to get to the dog and hoist her back up as she slid further down . Luckily, the dogs are obedient, and Summer listened to commands to stay still so she didn’t continue sliding down.

“I was like, 'This can’t happen like this. I have to do something,'” Hawkins said.

The group of friends and even strangers came together to plan as Hawkins started down towards the dog. It was terrifying, Bagshaw said.

“I am scared of heights. I am terrified of heights, and didn’t even cross my mind when she was there. We just jumped into rescue mode,” she said.

The group is well-prepared and trained on rescues, so they had the supplies needed to get Summer and Hawkins back up quickly. The couple's three dogs always accompany them on rides and are experienced in the backcountry.

“Everyone came together to help out a dog. If it had been a human, it wouldn’t have been any different, but people we didn’t even know jumped in to help out,” Hawkins said.

It was incredible to see everyone come together and make sure Summer was okay, Bagshaw said.

“We knew we had a good group of friends, but I will tell you this solidified it and I think it’s made us all a lot closer,” she said.

Summer and her other two furry companions will continue to go on rides with the "Wild Bunch."

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