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Have the earthquake, windstorm or pandemic forced you to be prepared?

Posted at 1:01 PM, Sep 18, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — September is National Preparedness Month.

Are you prepared?

There have been some wake-up calls that show just how important it is to be prepared.

Six months ago Friday, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck Magna and was felt over a large area.

On September 8, a massive windstorm hit Utah, knocking down trees and knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses.

The coronavirus pandemic showed just how quickly store shelves can be emptied of needed goods.

The Utah Red Cross says it cannot stress enough just how important it is to have a plan before disasters happen.

For example:

  • Do you have a 72-hour kit?
  • What about cash if ATMs are down?
  • Does your family know what to do in an emergency if they’re at home or away from home?
  • Are your pets protected?

If not, Rich Woodruff with Utah Red Cross urges you to start planning today.

“What’s in your 72 hour kit?” he said “Of course food, water, emergency supplies, first aid. What about cash? What if the ATMs are down? What if the cell phone system is down?”

Woodruff says families need to know what to do in an emergency if they’re at home or away from home.

“Also think of things like pet friendly hotels for example if you have to evacuate,” Woodruff said. “Things like that you may not think about in advance. That’s part of having a plan.”

One way you can stay on top of these emergencies is by downloading the Red Cross Emergency app. It will alert you of any natural disasters happening in your neighborhood. There are many other free apps at this link.

For more resources on how to be prepared, click here.