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Herriman residents raise concerns about dangerous intersection, crosswalk

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 09, 2021

HERRIMAN, Utah — A crosswalk at the intersection of South Palisade Rose Drive and Murdoch Peak Drive in Herriman has caught the attention of nearby residents. This comes after a series of close calls between speeding cars and pedestrian traffic.

Chris Polaco, who lives at the corner of the intersection, is calling on the city to do something before someone gets seriously hurt.

"Everybody around this neighborhood is getting scared for their kids to cross, for them to cross, everything," Polaco said.

He and his family have lived near the crossing for four years. During that time, Polaco has watched countless close calls. But after he witnessed a young woman get hit just a few weeks ago, he said something needs to be done.

"The speed limit, I believe, is 30 [mph], but by the time they go around this corner, they're going 45, 50 easily," he added. "I have a little 7-year-old boy, and it's scary. He likes to come over here to the park, and it's scary for him to even get near that road."

Polaco picked up the incident on his home security camera, clearly showing the woman getting hit in the footage. He said she was lucky to have gotten up and walk away with minor injuries.

"Like an hour later her, and her mom came back, and I showed her mom the video," Polaco said. "She almost cried. It was pretty freaky for her mom to see that."

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The crosswalk sits just a few hundred feet from the busy Mountain View Corridor. Polaco said drivers use Palisade Rose Drive as a "traffic shortcut" to get to the busier Rose Crest Road just a block south.

"They're trying to hurry to beat traffic that goes up there on Rose Crest," he said. "They're trying to beat that traffic up there."

The crossing is also uphill from the Mountain View Corridor, making it hard to see before it's too late.

"I just sit out there on my deck and just watch people just fly on by," Polaco said. "A [crosswalk] light I think would be perfect for there."

But until that happens, he is asking everyone in the area to pay attention and drive slowly.

"People please just slow down because my little boy, if he got hit, I don't know what I would do," he said emotionally.

FOX 13 reached out to the Herriman Police Department to see what can be done to the crosswalk to make it safer for pedestrians. The Herriman Police Department has not responded at the time this story was published.