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Holladay helping local businesses recover from the pandemic, get ready for holidays

Posted at 8:08 AM, Oct 13, 2021

HOLLADAY, Utah — The city of Holladay is helping local businesses as they recover from the pandemic and look forward to the holidays.

They’re doing so with a new incentive called Holla Dollars.

One business that is a part of the program is, All the Raige Dog Salon, owned by Trevin Moore.

Moore has owned the salon for ten years and is passionate about caring for dogs.

“ it’s really transformative when you have a dog that comes in, that’s all matted, and dirty and all of that, and we return the dog all nice, and clean and groomed, it’s very satisfying,” said Moore.

Just like other businesses in the area, All The Raige Dog Salon has been affected by the pandemic.

“ we lost clients just like everyone else, everyone was scared at that time,” said Moore.

But Moore wasn’t just worried about himself, he has 7 employees to provide for as well.

“ it’s not just me, it took all of our effort, everyone had to sort of take a hit with hours worked, income, and so we all sort of pitched in to make it work,” said Moore.

Now the city of Holladay is pitching in to help local businesses with Holla Dollars.

“On the front of the holiday season, we’re trying to remind all of our residents how important local businesses are and the character of our community,” said Mayor of Holladay, Rob Dahle.

All households in Holladay will be mailed four, 10 dollar vouchers to be used at local businesses through December 17th.

“The people that are running the businesses are typically residents inside the community, and so the money that we spend with them helps support their families, but they are also by and large, businesses that are supporting activities within the community,” said Mayor Dahle.

It’s an initiative that Moore says he’s grateful for.

“ I think any initiative that helps bring the small businesses together with the community is great,” said Moore.

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