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Hope returns to Park City’s historic Main Street on New Year's Day

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jan 01, 2021

PARK CITY, Utah — Historic Main Street in Park City has had a year of downs when it comes to 2020.

Summit County was one of the first COVID-19 hot spots in the state, and it shut many stores down. But now, signs of hope are coming back to the street in 2021.

“I think it's kind of a wave of hope for everyone to see so many people here,” one person told FOX 13.

“I’m surprised by how busy it is, but I like it," another said. "This is beautiful to experience this.”

“I think everything here is very inviting… the people here are wonderful, the city is wonderful… everyone is taking precautions,” said Daniel Gallegos, who is visiting from out-of-state. “Coming from a city like Los Angeles, it's very populated and very overcrowded at times. You come here and people are just doing their best to stay out of people's way and being very courteous towards each other."

Businesses like galleries were rejoicing too as they hope the very busy day was a sign of what will come in the new year.

“We actually had our best December ever, which is really exciting,” said Elle Osborne, a director of multiple galleries on Main Street. “Today is the busiest I’ve seen on this street possibly ever. We’ve had people in all the galleries all day.”

Osborne said she has high hopes for 2021.

“I’d love to see tourism back up. I’d love to feel like our artists are really feeling like their work is being represented properly,” she said.

But with the cancellation of Sundance Film Festival in-person, the city is projected to lose some money. Still, the hope is that with this new influx of people, it will be a fighter 2021 and return much-needed revenue to this important Utah economic driver.