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Hot rod shop looking for miracle after irreplaceable truck and company trailer stolen

Posted at 9:22 PM, Dec 23, 2021

WEST JORDAN, Utah — A West Jordan hot rod shop is looking for help finding a trailer that was stolen from its parking lot last week but it’s what was inside the trailer that the owner of the shop says is irreplaceable.

Derek Ekins runs Ekins Garage in West Jordan, and offers custom classic car builds and restoration services.

Last Tuesday, when the storm came in, Derek Ekins’ trailer was stolen right out of his parking lot. Unfortunately, it had a customer’s hot rod inside.

That bright red 1950s Dodge truck was loaded inside, ready to be delivered the next day.

Ekins had worked on it for two years. Despite the trailer having three locks on it, it was stolen in about ten minutes.

“Working on it for about two years and it’s like an heirloom for the family, it was given to them by their father-in-law. I can replace the trailer, but I can’t replace that truck,” said Ekins.

Surveillance cameras installed on the building just a few months ago captured the entire theft on camera. Ekins said he installed cameras because there has been a lot of crime in that area over the last few months.

The surveillance cameras capture two suspects pull up in a black F-250 diesel truck, with their faces covered.

“These cars almost become personal items to me as well, put a lot of time in them, get to know them, and it’s just a devastating feeling to have something stolen like that from you,” said Ekins.

Ekins has filed a police report and shared surveillance videos on social media. He is personally offering a thousand-dollar reward for any information leading to the trailer and truck.