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How much has West Wendover gotten from marijuana sales? A lot

West Wendover’s first-ever marijuana dispensary will finally open on Monday
Posted at 5:46 PM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 21:45:02-04

WEST WENDOVER, Nev. — Since this border town opened its first marijuana dispensary, sales tax revenues have grown and jobs have been added.

In a post on Facebook acknowledging "4/20," the unofficial marijuana holiday, West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona said the community has seen an increase in good-paying jobs and sales tax revenues.

"To celebrate 4/20 here are some quick facts about the legal cannabis industry in West Wendover!" he wrote.

West Wendover has received nearly $1 million in tax revenues since Deep Roots Harvest opened its dispensary in the community. The city has turned around and used that money to invest in infrastructure improvements and gave $20,000 in grants to local schools.

"If current trends hold we will be able to provide over $80k in grants to local schools & community nonprofits in FY23!" the mayor said.

Of course, that's only the city's cut of the sales tax revenue. Actual sales and spending are expected to be much higher. Deep Roots Harvest is West Wendover's lone dispensary. It opened in 2019 (Nevada voters legalized recreational cannabis sales in 2016).

West Wendover is known as a weekend destination for a lot of Utahns who make a run for the Nevada border to gamble at casinos, take in a concert, visit discount liquor stores and stop at the dispensary. On weekdays, the community's population is around 5,000. On weekends, it has swelled to as many as 20,000.

A lot of things that are legal in Nevada but illegal in Utah, and recreational marijuana is one of them (an exception in Utah law allows medical cannabis patients to obtain product for now in other states and bring them across state lines — at their own risk).

In his Facebook post, Mayor Corona said West Wendover wasn't done with cannabis yet.

"At tonight’s council meeting the council will review & hopefully give preliminary site plan approval for a new cannabis cultivation facility. This facility as well as at least two others in the pipeline will provide even more tax revenue as well as create up to 50 new jobs!" he wrote.

"Reminder, cannabis is legal to consume recreationally in the state of Nevada ONLY for those 21 years & older!! Celebrate responsibly & remember, purchasing LEGALLY from the local dispensary helps create jobs, fund our schools & improve our infrastructure!!!"