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Security cam shows people abandoning pets at Humane Society

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 12:25:38-05

CACHE COUNTY, Utah — Surveillance with from the Cache Humane Society shows people driving up to their facility, putting pets in cardboard boxes and driving off.

Stacey Frisk, the executive director with the Cache Humane Society said this is a scene they are all too familiar with.

“Sometimes people just can’t wait, and they choose to leave animals in the parking lot, in our dumpster or in one of our sheds," said Frisk.

In 2020, Frisk said they saw 28 dogs dropped off, or about two a month.

In contrast, Frisk saw 59 cats abandoned at their building--a 50 percent increase for both, compared to 2019.

Megan Tilt, the clinic manager with the Cache Humane Society, said they typically house 50 animals and receive shipments from other humane societies throughout the state, making it hard to bring in these abandoned pets.

Just before Christmas, surveillance showed a puppy left in the parking lot.

“He was trying to actually jump into the back of someone’s car because he was cold," said Tilt. "They brought him in and said we found him in your parking lot.”

Frisk said it's the "surrender fee" of 40 to 60 dollars and the paperwork that people don't want to fill out when dropping off their pet.

The hope, Frisk said, is hope families will do what's best for their furry friends.

“We really are committed to being a judgment free place to get help," said Frisk. "We do remind ourselves in these situations that we’re here for the animals.”

For more information on adoption, foster opportunities and the pet food pantry see the Cache Humane Society website.