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Hundreds gather at Salt Lake City Capitol for 'Guns Save Lives' rally

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 11:44:04-05

CAPITOL HILL, Utah – Over 250 people joined together wearing shirts saying “Guns Save Lives” to rally in support of 2nd amendment rights.

The group hoped that seeing a large amount of support and sea of blue shirts would be a force to keep anti-gun legislation off the table.

Representative Cory Maloy told our crews “we’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, me and other legislatures.”

Organizers told us many different people from different places attended the event all of them also hoping to get a meeting with their Representative or Senator to continue their message.

This is the second gun rally in the last week, the other called “March for Our Lives” had a completely different message of stricter gun regulation.

Despite those who disagree with them, this group felt like there is a difference between “Gun Control” and “Gun Safety.”

“Everyone here supports gun safety,” Representative Maloy said, “responsible gun owners care deeply about life and showing that we believe that is important.”

Another person in attendance was Valerie Walker, the first woman to carry a gun protecting planes after 9/11 also a 767 pilot herself at the time.

“These people here are some of the best people,” Walker said, “they all would stand in front of you to save you even if you disagree with them politically.”

So as more people filed into the Capitol Rotunda to meet their Representatives and Senators the messages were clear, in Utah the Second Amendment isn’t to be touched.

“My hope for Utah is that it remains a pro 2nd amendment state,” Walker said, “that we can all protect and do good for each other and teach each other our own independence and their own ability to make a difference.”