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Husband of Bluffdale Mayor charged with allegedly threatening political opponent

Posted at 3:44 PM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 23:16:24-04

BLUFFDALE, Utah — The husband of the Bluffdale mayor was charged Thursday with multiple counts of assault, harassment and stalking for allegedly threatening a political opponent who ran against his wife in the 2021 mayoral election.

Jason Hall now faces one count of threatening elected officials, one count of stalking and one count of threats to influence official or public action.

Hall is the husband to Natalie Hall, who holds the office of Mayor for the city of Bluffdale.

According to the Attorney General's office, Jason Hall threatened opponent Jeff Gaston "multiple times and in multiple ways" between March and December of 2021.

"[Hall threatened Gaston] physically at a Bluffdale City park, also verbal threats in person, through anonymous delivery of gag gifts, demeaning and intimidating messages to his home and workplace, assault, obtaining or disseminating information to family, and co-workers," the AG's office explained in a press release.

In charging documents, details about specific emails Hall allegedly sent to Gaston were disclosed.

In one instance, Gaston allegedly received a package to his house with a book on anger management and two notes, documents stated.

The notes said, "'I hope this helps with your issues buddy,' and "'Hey Imbecile!!!!!! Move out of Bluffdale, apologize or kill yourself. It’s time for you to start watching your back. This is your final warning. We are moving to the next phase. Do what we ask, or we will do what must be done,'” charging documents stated.

Multiple other examples of threatening actions or emails were also given in charging documents.

Because of the threats, Gaston decided to drop out of the election, the AG's office said.

Lawyers representing Gaston issued a statement to FOX 13 News about the case.

"The scare tactics employed by Mr. Hall in furtherance of Natalie Hall’s campaign worked. Mr. Gaston abandoned his candidacy efforts out of concern for the safety of his family. Yet the threats continued as Mr. Gaston vocally supported the sole opponent of Natalie Hall in the mayoral race in Bluffdale City. The intimidation included at least one physical confrontation in which Mr. Hall attacked Mr. Gaston with campaign signs at the annual Bluffdale Old West Days event, an attack witnessed by numerous Bluffdale residents," the statement reads in part.

"As some of the threats were delivered directly to Mr. Gaston’s home, he and his family have suffered significant anxiety and fear that these threats would be carried out," the statement continues. "This has been a constant and overwhelming concern for Mr. Gaston and his family for over a year."

The Attorney General's Office said that evidence indicates another man delivered and mailed several items in question. The associate is also under investigation, officials said.