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Icy, slick roads creating challenges for road crews

Streets still pose danger a day after major snowstorm
Posted at 8:38 AM, Feb 04, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Tuesday morning was a relative breeze for commuters compared to Monday morning's commute.

While up to two feet of snow fell in some places Monday. it stopped snowing and the sun was out by sunrise Tuesday.

Still, temperatures are very cold and there's still a lot of snow and ice on the roads so motorists are advised to be careful and drive slowly.

Salt Lake City road crews are working overtime to clean up from the big storm, and get ready for another one coming later this week.

It will take some time to clear all of the leftover ice.

"It will be tricky today because salt doesn’t work at this temperature as well as we would like it too," said acting public works director, Lorna Vogt. "They like to clear them curb to curb so there’s plenty of room to park. It’s not always possible when the snow gets this cold. So it’s going to take us a few days."

Temperatures are expected to be warmer when Wednesday's storm hits, so salt treatments and plowing should be more effective.