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Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy arrested at demonstration outside hospital

Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-12 21:19:20-05

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KIVI) — Ammon Bundy, who recently filed to run for governor of Idaho as an independent, once again finds himself in trouble with law enforcement.

According to a press release from the Meridian Police Department, Bundy was arrested early this morning by Meridian Police after refusing to leave St. Luke's Meridian property following a dispute. Bundy claims the dispute was over parental rights. He was charged with trespassing and released.

Bundy's campaign has since released a statement regarding the arrest:

Earlier Saturday, a group gathered at the St. Luke’s Boise location in support of "parental rights," and in support of the child who was reportedly at the center of the initial dispute.

"So yeah, I stood there," Bundy told Idaho News 6. "I'll continue to do that. And if they want to arrest me, they can arrest me. I'm a peaceful man. But there has to be some accountability. And if that's part of it, I'm willing."

This is the sixth time Bundy has been arrested in the last two years. He was notably arrested twice in a two-day period for trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol in August of 2020. The first arrest occurred on August 25, 2020, in which he was charged with criminal trespass for disturbing Idaho legislative hearings. He was then rolled out of the Idaho State Capitol in an office chair by Idaho State Police.

The second arrest occurred on August 26, 2020, in which Bundy was charged for criminal trespass and resisting arrest for returning to the Idaho State Capitol shortly after posting bail for his first arrest.

In March 2021, Bundy was arrested for failing to appear in court after refusing to wear a mask into the courthouse for jury trial.

In April 2021, Bundy was arrested twice in one day for trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol.