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Inspiring sight as neighbors help neighbors in storm cleanup efforts

Posted at 11:33 AM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 13:33:44-04

MURRAY, Utah — A night of much-needed rain Thursday also brought strong winds that caused damage in parts of the Salt Lake Valley, leading to neighborhood cleanup efforts.

The power of Mother Nature was on full display on several streets in Murray, with huge trees uprooted and knocked down, plus branches everywhere.

But also on display, the power of neighbors helping neighbors.

The Liender Family had one of the largest and oldest trees in the area, but in a matter of seconds a microburst knocked it down, along with two other trees in the backyard.

Robson Liender and his father went to bed last night realizing they’d have a very, long day ahead of them doing cleanup work. But not long after the sun came up, about a dozen neighbors were already here getting a head start.

“I wake up today to chainsaws right outside my freaking bedroom window and there’s people climbing on trees and I look out and like half the trees gone and I’m like, oh my gosh I can’t believe they did this, it’s crazy!” said Liender.

Ironically, with it being Pioneer Day weekend, several people saw everyone pitching is as a real example of the pioneer spirit with everyone looking out for one another.

There is still a lot of cleanup work to do, not only here at the Liender home, but along several streets in the neighborhood just east of Fashion Place Mall. But people here say it’s comforting to know they’ve got such great neighbors to lean on when the going gets tough.