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Introducing District One's newly-elected Congressman, Ogden native Blake Moore

Posted at 5:25 PM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 19:25:07-05

OGDEN, Utah — Blake Moore won the congressional seat for District One with 68.2 percent of the vote Tuesday night.

The newly elected congressman is a Utah native — born and raised in Ogden.

One of the hallmark moments of his childhood, Moore said, was winning the Wendy’s National High School Heisman Award his senior year.

“A big part of that was citizenship, so that’s always been something I’ve reflected on,” said Moore.

After high school, Moore played football for Utah State University and later finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah.

Moore graduated with his master's in public policy and administration from Northwestern University.

Service has been an emphasis for Moore.

Moore dedicated two years to missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Korea and later worked as a foreign service officer.

With his time working for the U.S. Department of State, Moore and his family lived in Washington D.C. and in Asia.

Moore returned home to work at Cicero Group, a Utah-based management consulting firm — a job Moore said he is not planning to return to after serving in Congress.

“I used to think that service was a sacrifice, but I actually later learned that you have to sacrifice in order to serve,” said Moore, remembering advice former Lt. Governor Greg Bell shared with him.

For Moore, his family is involved in making that sacrifice.

He and his wife celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on the campaign trail.

The couple decided to run for Congress after what Moore said was an intense ten days in February.

The Moores have three boys: 8-year-old Max, who Moore described as good-natured, and George and Winston, their 5-year-old twins.

The twins both have very different personalities, Moore said. George, who Moore described as charming, loves sports. Winston, who has tested on the spectrum, loves art.

“He’s somebody that we’ve really just rallied around,” said Moore, speaking of Winston.

It is that same love and care Moore hopes to apply while rallying around his community.

“These are hard times and it’s important to remember community and family,” said Moore.

When Moore takes office, he will fill Congressman Rob Bishop’s spot.

Bishop spent 17 years in Congress largely focusing on Hill Air Force Base and Utah’s Natural resources.

Moore hopes to continue building on what Congressman Bishop has accomplished.