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Investigation underway after two bodies found in Bluffdale

Posted at 5:07 PM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 23:17:40-05

BLUFFDALE, Utah — An investigation is underway in Bluffdale after two bodies were found deceased in a home.

Officials with Saratoga Springs, which also helps cover incidents in Bluffdale, say officers are conducting a death investigation near 15100 S. Wild Horse Way.


"Family members hadn't heard from them and became concerned and so family members showed up and located the two individuals inside the home," said Zach Beglarian with the Saratoga Spring Police Department.

Identification of the bodies was not made immediately available and officials report there is no immediate threat to the public.

Although investigators are still trying to figure out what happened, neighbors say the man and woman who lived there mostly kept to themselves.

"I always saw them through their window because they always had their blinds open just cooking dinner and watching TV so from what I could tell they seem like nice people," said Xavier Martinez, who lives next door.

The neighborhood where the bodies were found is relatively new, so many people were still meeting their neighbors.

"[I] honestly think it's probably the craziest thing that's ever happened to me," Martinez said. "I just was shocked to find out that our actual next door neighbor's this happened to."

"We did canvass the area talk to some neighbors and sounds like these guys kept to themselves were quiet - didn't know anybody didn't know any neighbors," Beglarian told FOX 13 News.

One neighbor did notice that the trash can had been in front of the residence for at least a week and was never brought in.

"I noticed that a few days ago that it's just been out and I'm just kind of little OCD like wondering why they hadn't taken the trash in," the neighbor said.

No further details were disclosed and an investigation is ongoing.

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