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Jordan School District acts after student threatened on school-issued Chromebook

Posted at 5:16 PM, Mar 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 21:11:04-04

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — The Jordan School District has removed Google Chat from their school-provided devices after a parent reported their 10-year-old daughter received death threats.

The parent asked to remain anonymous to protect her daughter’s identity among her classmates.

The mother said her daughter received messages she couldn’t even dream of.

“Before this happened, my worst fear was someone telling my daughter that Santa Claus wasn’t real,” the mom said.

The messages she said her daughter received on a school-issued Chromebook were much darker.

“Tell me right now or I’ll kill you,” read one of the messages the parent shared with FOX 13.

The message was from someone the parent said her daughter met in class.

“She was new to the school and they had met because she was in my daughter’s class and started chatting through this forum,” the mom said.

Her daughter was also messaged about her sexuality, according to the parent.

“I know that this same person has done similar things to at least three or four other kids," the mom said.

The mother filed a report with the school’s principal, a Jordan School District representative and the Herriman Police Department.

“We’ve escalated every channel we possibly can, and for some reason they think it’s all just 'Look at the context, they’re just kids,'” she said.

A spokesperson with the Jordan School District sent this statement to FOX 13:

“We thoroughly investigate all reports of inappropriate use of District issued electronic devices and accounts, and continually enhance security for student safety. Google chat is no longer available for use by elementary school students in Jordan School District.”

In a phone conversation with FOX 13, the spokesperson for the Jordan School District said they have been working with Herriman Police on this case and that ultimately, police determined there was no need to be involved or press criminal charges.