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Jordan School District sets new COVID-19 guidelines, allows Copper Hills to reopen

Posted at 9:13 PM, Sep 22, 2020

RIVERTON, Utah — The Jordan School Board developed new guidelines Tuesday night on what will trigger a high school closure due to COVID-19.

The board decided that a high school will close for a day of deep cleaning once it reaches 15 active cases of the virus.

When one percent of a school’s student body tests positive, the board will meet for discussions on steps it can take to stop the spread.

If two percent of a high school student body contracts COVID-19, that individual school would move to online learning for two weeks and the building would close.

The board believes these thresholds will offer clarity to families on the status of their schools.

“We also want to take reasonable action and say when should we quarantine an entire school,” said board president Bryce Dunford. “That’s a very serious situation and we want parents to know: Here’s our process and here’s what we are going to follow.”

The guidelines allow Copper Hills High School to reopen on Wednesday.

Copper Hills was closed Tuesday for deep cleaning after 16 positive cases (less than one percent of the student body) were reported in the campus community.

Currently 150 students at the school are under an exposure quarantine for their contact with people who tested positive for the virus.