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Kaysville police and fire departments rewarding people for obeying the law, community kindness

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 23, 2020

KAYSVILLE, Utah — People in Kaysville are being pulled over by the police and fire departments, but it’s not for something they’ve done wrong, rather something they’ve done right.

Kaysville police officers are handing out coupons for cash, through the Kaysville cash program.

“We’re trying to use this program as a way to bridge the gap between the community in Kaysville Police and Kaysvillle Fire as well as help the businesses that are suffering during this hard time with Covid right now,” said Officer Lexi Benton with the Kaysville Police Department.”

The department received $10,000 through the CARES act and so they’ve made $10 coupons to hand out to people obeying the law.

“Some of these things that we’re handing out are for people that are less fortunate and don’t have the money to go get groceries or different things like that so it definitely impacts them,” said Officer Benton.

That means if you’re riding your bike with a helmet on, or giving out lemonade to your neighbors on a hot day, you may get ten bucks.

“Most people are pretty bummed out when they’re caught speeding and it usually ruins their day when they get a ticket you know, insurance is going to go up and different things like that, so for them to be able to be recognized for doing something good, like wearing a seatbelt it really impacts their day and leaves a good memory of police or fire with them,” said Officer Benton.

The coupons can then be used at businesses all over town. Those businesses will then turn in the coupons to the police department and get the money in exchange.

The program goes through october.