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Life Saving award given to St. George dispatcher

Posted at 9:39 PM, Apr 29, 2021

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A St. George dispatcher was given the Life Saving award after she didn't hesitate to step in on a serious situation, even though she was off duty.

Heather Hallman was watching her son ride his bike in the Snake Hollow area when she heard a commotion and went to check it out.

She found a 35-year-old man who crashed his bike nearby, causing his bike handlebars to seriously cut his leg.

According to St. George Police, the man's cut was nearly a foot long and was right next to the femoral artery and nerve.

Hallman immediately applied pressure to the wound and called medical resources for help. She rendered aid for 15 minutes to control the bleeding while medical teams arrives at the scene

The man said, “Heather introduced a new level of pain as she put “real” pressure on my leg!”

Hallman was awarded the Life Saving Award and the St. George Police Department expressed their gratitude for her quick and selfless thinking.