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Little Cottonwood Canyon reopens after 2-day closure

Posted at 9:39 PM, Feb 08, 2020

ALTA, Utah – After over 48 hours, Little Cottonwood Canyon was finally opened at noon on Saturday, and the two-day interlodge order in the town of Alta was lifted.

Thursday and Friday, multiple avalanches closed the canyon with one even sweeping over the parking lot of Alta.

But as noon hit Saturday, the Utah Department of Transportation tweeted out that the roads were open, and thousands made their way to the ski resorts.

Thousands of cars started pouring onto the roads to get to the ski areas with them cheering and filming the grand parade of cars finally allowed up.

Up in Alta, residents and visitors that had been stuck were already hitting the slopes.

“Oh, skiing is a lot better than being locked in,” Kevin Dennis told our crew.

Dennis was one of the people FOX 13 has been keeping up with throughout the lockdown over FaceTime.

“Walking out this morning was really good!” Dennis said with a big smile on his face while laughing.

Mac Charvala is another person that has been sheltered up in Alta. He also shot an incredible video of one of the avalanches as it hit the town.

"Nothing has come down this close to the road since I’ve been here," Charvala told FOX 13.

Even though the last few days have been less than ideal for the town of Alta, Saturday was one of the best powder days that those on the slopes have ever seen.

So with the roads clear and the powder fresh, all of Utah can again enjoy the slopes of Alta and Snowbird along with all the beauty that Little Cottonwood Canyon has to offer.